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Our exceptional SAS products on Concrete Admixtures and Cementitious products are the perfect solution for achievingthe desired strength and durability in construction projects.


Concrete admixtures are chemical compounds added to concrete mixes during the mixing process to enhance its properties such as workability, durability, and strength.


Cementitious products are essential for the construction industry as they provide the necessary strength and durability needed for building structures that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

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Ready-Mixed concrete suppliers

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Technical Support

Speeding up the wok in construction projects that are under development or in new projects to add strength and durability to constructions.

Laboratory Test

Testing involves the essential examination of all structural material used in the construction of a project.

24/7 Delivery

No Waiting Time, our storage tankers are always filled with tens of thousands liters of various admixtures ready for delivery.

Flexible Packaging

Our admixtures are packaged in 210L drums or 1,000L flow bins, as per the client’s choice.

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