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SAS Construction Chemicals (SCC), an international company established in Ethiopia to manufacture construction chemical products, particularly concrete admixtures, is pleased to introduce to all Ready Mix Concrete producers as well as to all Civil Contractors a very vital construction chemical component for the civil construction sector.

SAS Construction Chemicals’ (SCC) success is based on its powerful combination of German technical Know-How with market knowledge. The Company is managed with high professionals experienced in problem-solving capabilities. SCC firmly believes in a policy of continuous product research and development to provide high quality products and long term solutions.

SCC is highly engaged with the construction industry considering concrete as the major ingredient in any construction activity. Concrete technology has greatly advanced since the 1960s and it caters to the divergent needs of present day complex structures and high rise buildings. In this respect, chemical admixtures play a very significant and vital role.

Chemical admixtures have become an essential part of concrete an mentioned as the fifth ingredient that helps to improve the physio-chemical properties of concrete, hence improving its performance. The durability of concrete is a major concern and challenge to all construction professionals.

SAS Construction Chemicals’ (SCC) management welcomes you all and hopes that sharing the information will draw mutual benefits to serve the civil sector professionally.


With best regards,


SAS Construction Chemicals Ltd.

Sohaib Al-Soufi

Ethiopia Branch Manager

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Phone: +251-978-222-222, +251-966-216-550 , +251-966-216-551
Email: info@sasconchemicals.com
On CMC Road, Infront of Civil Service University, Palm Building, 3rd Floor.
Woreda 08, H.No. 301/300, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia